“All because two people fell in love”

We are happily married with one amazing son. Kitsap County has been our home since we were both kids. We loved it so much that we decided to plant our roots here with family and friends. With the love to travel and explore, our favorite part is always coming home, something about the crisp air and picture perfect scenery never gets old.

When we aren’t planning events, being with family and friends is where you can find us. The Hawks flag is proudly hung at our house no matter what season it is. Between camping, hiking, going to the beach or hanging out at the house, anyway we can be together as a family puts a smile on our face. “Saving Grace” Was a dream that came to life. After many weddings, either being in them or planning them, we found ourselves filling needs and taking care of details. Our hearts would hurt with the pain and frustration we would see the stress and just plain being overwhelmed. Saving Grace was born to take on those tasks, save those tears and let family and friends truly have their moment.

We would like to thank you so much in advance for considering Saving Grace for your big day. We promise to work with you to make Your dreams come true.

“Let us be Your Saving Grace”

About Saving Grace

We are a loving and enthusiastic husband and wife team.